Keeping Your Car Secure at Dublin Airport

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Tips To Keep Your Car Secure

There are a number of advantages to using Dublin Airport’s car parks. We offer 21,000 car parking spaces at Dublin Airport, 4,000 Short Term spaces and 17,000 Long Term spaces with free 24 hour shuttle buses. With continued investment in smart technologies, and our easy online booking systems, makes parking at Dublin Airport a convenient and easy way to start your travels. Dublin Airport have secure parking facilities with CCTV throughout the campus with daily and nightly patrols in place so that you can have full  peace of mind that your car will be safe for the duration of your journey.

However we need your help to ensure that your car is as secure as it can be when you park at Dublin Airport. Take your time and make the following simple checks:

Lock your doors

We’ve all done it, we’ve parked the car and walked away and then thought, “Did I lock the car?” Don’t let this thought niggle at you while you are travelling; after you have parked your car double check that it has been securely locked. Also check that all windows are fully rolled up.

Hide personal belongings

Before you walk away from your vehicle make sure that no personal or valuable belonging are visible within the car. It is especially important to remove electronics such as radios, portable music players and GPS systems from view.

Remember your location

If you are going on the big summer holiday or will be away for a while make sure you make a note of where you have parked your car. If you parked in the Short Term Car Park make a note of which car park, which colour and on what level you parked your car, if you have parked in the Long Term Car Park then remember the zone or area that you parked in. If you have a camera phone take a picture of the zone or level.

Don’t forget the keys

After you park your car be sure to store your keys in a secure location which you can easily access when you return to your vehicle at the end of your trip. If you have not booked your car parking online make sure that you keep your parking ticket in a safe and memorable location.

Leaving the car park

If you have just returned from a country that drives on the right-hand side of the road give yourself time to adjust to driving on the left. Take your first road journey back in Ireland slowly and be especially careful at junctions.